Aboard the Azteca 6, Part3

If you are just joining us you may want to catch up with us. This story starts here

OK, let’s get those boats in the water:

There are 6 of these boats on the ship, each only big enough for 1 man, each with a 115 hp engine on the back. They are not pretty, but they will do 70 mph.

At this point the ship is cruising about about 12 knots so as the boat nears the water the driver starts the engine. As he touches the water he accelerates and instantly moves out of the way so they can launch another.

The primary purpose of these boats is to herd the tuna into the mile long net, just like they herd cattle into the corral on land.

Meanwhile, back on the ship,they are already preparing for the boats return and their relaunch . These guys don’t fool around. They are only out here to catch fish. The quicker they can catch their 1200 tons, the more money they make and the quicker they can go home.

Remember, we’re not really fishing here, we are just making sure everything is working perfectly before they head out to sea.

The key to this next sequence is to watch the net disappear off the ship. By now they have dropped that big skiff that was on the back of the ship and attached the cables, top & bottom to it. The ship is now moving in a large circle while the skiff anchors the other end.

The boats are herding the fish into the net, while Adan, the ship manager, directs the crew from his seat in the chopper. He says sometimes he is almost on the water, other times they climb up hundreds of feet to get a better view of the big picture.

Now we need to bring the nets back in. And we will do that and more in our next post. Thanks for the read.