A Very Different December 25

On December 25, Mar, Pam and I volunteered at the St Catharines YWCA. I for one had a great day. While the girls were setting up the tables for dinner, I was handed a broom, soon replaced by a mop. As we got closer to the dinner sittings I was introduced to my special station, the sink and dishwasher. Mar was serving, Pam was bussing but I had the really important job, keeping those dishes bright and shiny. I think we all learned a little humility, we were certainly touched by some of the stories we heard. We were told that in St Catharines at least one of the Y’s functions is to provide housing, food and support for young women who have lost their way. They offer 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. They also offer support for those who need it. These gals have either made some bad descisions or in some cases are the classic “bad things happening to good people”. We were all impressed by the family attitude the Y offers: “We are here when you need us, no matter how often you need us and we’ll be here when you decide it’s time for some changes” If that kind of support is out there for young ladies, then you have to assume that somewhere, it’s out there for old men too. I find that very comforting! We’ve all volunteered a bit over the years but this was the first time that I’ve ever done anything like this. I will do more, I promise. Over the past few months I’ve been thinking that it’s time to start giving a little back to this world we live in. I didn’t make a big difference in anybody elses life on Christmas day but I do feel a little bit better about what I can do for this world, and that I have started down that path.

Speaking of stories; after we finished at the Y we headed to the movies to see Sweeny Todd: http://www.sweeneytoddmovie.com/ . Let me warn you: that movie is not even close to what you see in the trailers. Did we enjoy it? Yes, Are we still talking about it? Yes. Are we used to the site of spewing blood? No. We have promised ourselves the next movie will be http://thebucketlist.warnerbros.com/ with Jack Nicholson. New Years Eve, here we come.