A New Friend

Every day I work I try to take a different route to get there and then another to get home. Some days I explore my self further away from Sicard RV then I was when I left home. When that happens I need to start my GPS to find my way back.

The other morning I decided on a country road called Spring Creek.

I probably hadn’t been down that road for about 10 days.  I’m nearly at work when, through the trees, I see some bright paint on an old house. I’d never seen that house before. I like color, you know that, right, so at the next intersection I u-turn and head back for a look. I’m having trouble finding the house from the other way but finally find it. I pull off the road, climb down the bank and get my camera ready.


As I take my shot off to the side I see a man standing on a ladder. I wave, he waves. I compliment him on the paint job he is doing and ask him when he expects to be finished. “I’m 82 years old” he tells me “and my goal is to finish it before I die.”

We laugh. I yell back “I’m Larry.” He says his name is Phillip.

I walk around, and then down his driveway. We shake hands.

He seems like a neat guy. We talk. He tells me his story. He farms a few acres, collects made in Niagara antique furniture and grows garlic.

He is especially proud of his garlic.

He offers to show me his garlic. On the way, I get a tour of his farm. In  a particular old shed he has this huge pile of drying garlic. We discuss price, I agree to buy $5 worth. He gives me a big pile and then adds some more. We are becoming buddies.  My arms are now full of garlic (some friends tell me that would be about $20 worth at a farmers market) and he still wants me to take more. “I want to give you something. How about some flowers?” he says. “Your wife would love my flowers”


He agrees that I should come back and see how he’s making out with the paint job. I tell him Marilyn would love his gardens.

We shake hands again and part as friends. I drive by a couple of days later and see no progress on the paint job.

I hope he’s OK.

“Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more memories.” Patrick Lindsay

Thank you for the read. And for being my friend.


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  1. Well done, Larry! Hope your new friend is still doing well and can finish his paint job.

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