A Large Problem

Our Canadian income tax deadline is a couple of weeks behind our US brothers and sisters but there is still a deadline and we too need to pay attention to avoid penalties.

So yesterday we are visiting a financial advisor, and are deep into a discussion of all things financial when she notices that the flashing light on her  phone is telling her she has a message. She explains that over the weekend her and her husband had a visit from an old friend and during dinner he (the old friend) had shared  that for the past two days he had been suffering from a large erection.

Say what? A two-day erection?

Now, let’s put this conversation in perspective: Through our travels all across North America we meet a lot of people and they tell us a lot of things, but even with our closest friends we have never ever had a conversation like this and especially nothing even close with someone we have met with over the years,three or four times, always on a professional level, an hour or so each time

Anyway, back to the story. To recap; he has a large two-day old problem that’s not going away and is seeking some advice. As our new confidant says “he is beside himself“. By now, I admit, being a man, I am all ears. I want to learn more about this gentleman’s problem. 

In an effort to give him good sound medical advice our advisor consults with Dr. Google (wouldn’t you?).

Dr Google says “get his ass to the hospital”, so they finish dessert and while she cleans up the dishes, the rest of the dinner party moves on to the hospital emergency where they are met with a large room absolutely full of patiently waiting people.  When he explains his problem to Triage nurse he is whisked to the front of the line.  Our advisor explains that because the blood has continued to flow into this “container” for the past two days and can neither get out or get oxygen it is now quite a mess.

First of all they attack his large, sore, throbbing problem with a large hypodermic needle (you had to be there to see how far apart her hands were as she explains the size of this instrument)  to remove the now coagulated blood. That doesn’t work, so they try something more horrible, followed by something even more horrible. They book him in overnight and schedule an emergency operation for the next morning. She explains, that no matter where the story goes from here, he certainly will have permanent damage to his penis

I’ve been thinking about this since I heard it yesterday morning. I’m still not sure what the real story is here: Is the story the excessively large painful penis or is the real story about the things people tell each other? Think about it; she told us, we told you and I can absolutely guarantee you are going to pass this one on down the line. You may even embellish it a bit.

This poor guy is suffering unbelievable pain in the most sensitive area of his body and we’re all out here having a chuckle.

So now we too wait for news. Will his penis pressure reduce? Will we get a tax refund?

“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else.”

Will Rogers

4 thoughts on “A Large Problem

  1. Well, a valuable lesson for us all.
    Any condition like this over a brief period (no pun intended, but I don’t wear boxers) should be looked at by a professional. Never would I have imagined that the blood would start to coagulate. Eeek.
    Is that what it does? Man, that’s news to me.
    I’m guessing this condition was the result of taking one of those pills? Something about that whole situation really freaks me out. Taking pills for most anything is scary, but when it’s for a condition that otherwise isn’t life threatening, is it really that important to ingest some foreign substance, just to get a boner?
    And yes, sometimes people do tell you the darnedest things. Good story though.

  2. Typically, when this happens, it is not “one” pill that causes the boner problem….the male thinks to enhance and sustain the good moment, 3 or 4 pills taken at one time will ensure success…. never experienced this but have heard of stories behind this problem a few times now!!!

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