Classic Coach From 2001: The New Aire

2001 New Aire

2001 New Aire by Newmar

I’ve been in the RV industry since 1978, so once in a while I get the crazy idea that I’ve seen it all.
The other morning we are out for a walk around the park and we see a crew setting up to detail this coach. “What is it?” I ask, “It’s a New Aire” they respond. They don’t know what year it is or anything else about it.
Turns out it’s a 2001 or 2002 and Newmar built about 40 of them before they cancelled the project and “re-focused on their core business”
The 29′ diesel pusher (it came with either a 260 or 275 hp Cummins) was all electric, so no propane, and that puts it about dozen years ahead of it’s time. Standard equipment included full body paint (another “way ahead of their time”), offered both driver and co-pilot doors as well as a mid entry door, is sleek as hell, and measures less than 10′ tall. Compare that to the new biggies at close  to 13 feet.

getting ready to detail

getting ready to detail

The first ones retailed, remember; this is the early 2000’s, for $190,000  and were followed by the “Classic” model, pared down a bit, that retailed for a mere $162,000. They featured a tag axle (which would give it an amazing ride) lifts for tight corners so with the short wheelbase they would turn on a dime.

Let me put this in a context even a Canadian could understand: In 2001 our Canadian dollar was worth less than 60 cents US , so US$190,000 back then would equal about C$ 290,000. Please forgive me when I say “Ouch

On the down side however, they had almost no storage, the bathroom was a “wet bath”. If you are not familiar with the term “wet bath” means you can go in, take your seat on the throne, and then shower, sh*t, shave (if you’re a guy-no room for the ladies to bend over) and shampoo all in one visit ( think of the bathroom in your Grandpa’s old 16′ trailer).

IMAG1836 I didn’t get inside this one, but it sounds  like in spite of the deficiencies they were all  “NewMar quality” well finished.

Some reports call the New Aire motorhome  Newmar’s Edsel. That just proves that we each  have at least one skeleton in our closet,

Want to know more about the Newmar New Aire? Read what said about it in 2002.

“I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.”  –Henry Ford

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  1. Close is only good in horseshoes, unfortunately. For that kind of dough, you could import one of the really cool European Class As and have ALL of the amenities, not just some of them. Maybe “ahead of its time”, but still a few years behind in the bigger scheme of things.
    Good effort though.

  2. Yes, I had the same thought. Im told the first GMC’s sold new in 1973 for $13,000. By 1978 they had worked their way up to above $50,000. Remember Revcon?

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