A Blond In Every Square

And squares all over the city.

Savannah Georgia is one gorgeous town with quite an unique history. The story goes that even before the original settlers left Europe to emegrate to America they had already laid out the plans for their future city. Where most lucky cities have one square they rally around, Savannah has 22, all unique, except for the massive Live Oaks throughout the whole area. If you can imagine all that green you will understand why we think Savannah is so unique compared to other cities we have visited.

On Sunday afternoon we did a trolley tour on the historic district, yesterday we parked in the same area and did a few hours walk for a closer look.

We even stumbled into a Paula Dean restaurant to enjoy Marilyn’s birthday lunch.
Later, while walking our pooches through the property at Red Gate RV Park we happened upon the Mackey House.

The sun is out and it’s beginning to warm up to the 20’s (about 70) for the next few days so today we roll east a total of 15 miles to Tybee Island. It’s time to get the bikes out.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you…..okay I will sing the rest when I see you. Hope you had an amazing birthday!

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