99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall, 99 Bottles……

Grimsby Ontario, Canada

Sorry, wrong song. Really it’s 99 days til we hit the road. I know, you’ve already figured out that I can count backwards cuz that’s pretty much all I have done here lately, but Hey, we are excited. Add to that we may have our townhouse rented, we should know in the next couple of days.

Burley Tandem Bike

Today was also the first day we had our Burley Tandem Bike (bicycle built for two) out this year. We’d pretty much decided that we would not be taking it with us, probably half an hour in to our ride we quickly changed that decision. That bike is just too much fun. People always smile, wave and say hello when you go by on a tandem. We meet more neat people! So now we won’t be carrying 2 bikes on our adventure, we will be carrying 3. Who says you can’t take all your toys with you. I promise, we are going to try.