8 Amazing Photos: Port Weller

We’re going for a hike. Do you want to come?

That’s our goal. The view from the end of the trail.  It’s flat all the way. Come on, it will be fun. Are you in?


I know, I keep going on about how we like to go somewhere new because we want to discover something new, but once in a while you just need to go where it feels so good. Besides, if you’re out exploring nature there are always changes every day. We  haven’t done the “port” for probably a month or so and there are certainly changes: like last time there were many millions of different colored leaves. Now, it looks like there are none, NADA.


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Thanks to no leaves today we can see right across the man made Port Weller peninsula. The beavers have fell some new trees, the sky was a different color. We met some new people. Angel met some new dogs. Need I go on?


laker on the canal

Looks like that one is headed back for another load of iron ore. They better hurry, the canal closes in a few weeks.




We’re at Lake Ontario, the northern end of the Welland Canal. From here the boats travel 43 km south and meet Lake Erie at Port Colborne. Hey, over on the right, there’s Marilyn snapping a picture. She sure loves her new Samsung smartphone.


3 different varieties of berrys

Look at those different berries


Wow! Good job. You just did the whole peninsula. You walked 7713 steps, and that’s about 4 kms.  We all saw a  lot of different things, and people, and dogs. What fun!

Ready for a coffee?


“In every walk with nature, we receive more than we seek.”







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