8.04 Kilometers

We did it! Our goal was to run an 8 km run before the end of February and it’s done, complete, finito!

This morning we ran through the Plaza Machado, then out to Olos Atlas, and north up the Malecon. At about 6 kilometers we turned and headed back to Olos Atlas for the final 2 kliks. We toasted our success with a delicious scone and two great coffees at Looney Bean, a popular Mazatlan coffe shop.

 This is, of course all in preparation to run the Harry’s Spring Run-Off  in support of Prostrate Cancer  on April 2 in  Toronto. So we’ve got it. It wasn’t all that pretty but we’ve still got about 5 weeks to work on the “pretty” part.

How are we doing on the fund raising part you ask? Click Here, you can pledge right on this page if you want or pick your favorite team member and make your pledge on their page, your choice.

As of this morning our team has slipped into third place. This is where you can help. If you haven’t pledged yet, now is probably the perfect time.

We appreciate all your help. Thanks to you all including Peggy, Randy & Nancy and Anonymous.

Thankyou all.

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