200 graves, less than 90 headstones


We’re walking between the almost 90 identical head stones at the Confederate Cemetery in Magnolia Mississippi.

Magnolia used to be a popular vacation spot for the  New Orleans rich and famous because they were just a train ride away from N’awlins to an area with no mosquitos.

During the civil war the area’s largest resort hotel was converted to a hospital to care for some the South’s sick and wounded.  For those who did not respond to the 1860’s style of medical care, their last stop was the Confederate cemetery.

They couldn’t name most of the soldiers so of the 200 bodies buried here only about 90 actually are remembered by name on headstones. Sad isn’t it? More than 50% of the men here who are buried here are long forgotten. So sad!

We are out saying our final goodbyes to Magnolia, so of course for lunch we stop again at IMAG2778Mercedes Mariposa Cafe.  Marilyn asks Mercedes about her upcoming 8th anniversary party.

“What are you going to do?” Mar asks. “Party,” says Mercedes”and drink” she adds “from there it’s depend on how much we drink. We may have to get rides home in the police car” then adds “you guys are invited”. We’ll be long gone but it’s an interesting offer.

I haven’t had a ride in a police car since the Halloween  I was about 16 and my dad had to come and get me out of jail. Marilyn says she never has, but she has “sat in a police car once, OK, maybe twice” She told me the stories but I swore I wouldn’t repeat them and I won’t but I will say “Bad Girl!  I had a ride in a police truck once too, but that was in Mexico so it hardly counts.

IMAG2783After seeing some of the cars around here, if this was my business I’d headline my sign with “Wrecks Fixed” too. That’s gotta be where the money is in this county, even most the police cars  need body work. Obviously no one has insurance to do body work, but there’s sure lots of wrecks  to fix.

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Mucho Gracias Senorita!

Most of us guys aren’t in to that sort of thing though, so we’re heading way over the other side of the internet to talk  about a cool  4 x 4 off-road RV.

“I wish I could show you the little village where I was born. It’s so lovely there…I used to think it too small to spend a life in, but now I’m not so sure.”

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  1. Nice of you to pay your respects to those soldiers. I enjoy reading books about that era and all that transpired.

    My Dad was a policeman ( we were never allowed to say cop) and so I’ve had my share of rides in his vehicles.
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