191 Steps

From the very bottom to the very top is 191 stairs

We love lighthouses.We visit them, we climb them, we take pictures of them. Sometimes Marilyn even paints them so when we heard that the one at Cape Henry was one of the oldest in the US and the first public works project signed for by George Washington we set our GPS for First Landing

Racial Profiling

To get to the lighthouse you need to get on to Fort Story, one of the many local bases. “Can we see some identification please” says the soldier. He checks my license and says “Canadian eh? You have been  randomly selected for a more thorough investigation.”

” Do you have any drugs, alcohol firearms or explosives on board? We need to see your registration and insurance plus your wife’s ID, then we ask you to take the keys out of the ignition and place them on the dash, unlock and leave open the glove box and center console. Then open each of the four doors, the trunk and raise the hood. Then you and your wife go stand over there behind the barrier” Watching the soldier go through our car I wished I could have given him a vacuum cleaner, he as doing a very thorough job.

Turns out we’re just a couple of retired Canadians out to see a lighthouse.

Taste of the day

Fried corn

On our way home we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Marilyn ordered the fried shrimp and I went for the Grouper tacos and chose a side called “fried corn”. I keep forgetting, when an American offers you anything fried they mean deep-fried. But it was good. It was also something I have never had before.


“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” Anne Lamott

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  1. Definitely suspicious.
    Don’t you feel special?
    More time to rest up for all that climbing. Not sure I would have made it.

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