156 Days

I haven’t been talking about our big trip this fall lately, but Mar and I certainly have been. We are busy making all the necessary peparations for the adventure. When we bought the motor home last year we got the first plate VSTONE. For my birthday this year I got VSTONE2 for the truck. I’m not perfectly clear why it’s my present. Yes, it’s my truck, but the only time it’s plate number comes up is when Marilyn checks us into an RV park. Yes, in our house that’s a pink job, the dogs and I get a bit of a walk and usually a pee…I’m talking about the dogs here. Oops, I got sidetracked: So anyway it’s Marilyn that actually gets most of the benefit from my birthday present.

The question now would be What am I going to get her for her 55th Bday in November. 55 is a real landmark, and it’s one most of us can still remember! I wonder what I would like?

OK,Ok, I’ll edit this post. Apparently I would like a diamond for her birthday.