130 days in 129 square feet

Here it is; all 129 square feet of our Putt-Putt.


Let’s face it, the news isn’t about us doing a road trip. We’ve full-time RV’d close to 10 years in three different rigs so I don’t think anyone would strongly disagree when I say we’re travellers.
The news is we are going to live in 129 square feet (that’s less than 12 square meters-about the size of some people’s bathroom) of space for more than 4 months.

Or at least that’s the plan.

To put that in perspective our last rig before we bought the sticks and bricks (that’s full-timer RVer talk for a house) was about 450 sq ft with all the slides out and people used to look at us and say “you live in your RV?”

We know it can be done. We’ve met lots of people who do long trips in their small rvs and live to ride together again.


Ready to Roll

By the time you read this we will be on the road, on our way.
You’ll want to know we left full of propane, water, fuel and excitement. Actually we are way over full on the excitement.

If you’re interested check back from time to time and I’ll update you on how the trip is going and more importantly the differences in traveling in an oversized van versus a monstrous diesel pusher.

We’re hoping it’s going to be twice the fun in a quarter of the space.

Putt-Putt is excited too, all dressed in her finest

“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.” John Steinbeck

Thanks for the visit. See you down the road.

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