117 Days

Fortunately we aren’t counting. We are not even mildly excited. Our house is a disaster: Our daughter Pam was moving in to a new apartment so she came out Sunday last with her boyfriend James and a truck and kinda cleaned out a lot of our furniture for us. The good news is that will save us storing it. 

We are preparing for a garage sale this Saturday and then will sell off a bike, fridge, TV’s and such in preparation for renting our Townhouse. Our coach is almost ready, only a few items need to be done. The plan is we will be ready to move in to it and rent out our current home by July 1. We can do it, I think, all we need at this point is the tennant for the townhouse.

And what are those Obscene picures you are seeing on the top of this post? That’s Bahia Coyote in the Mexican Baja. We sat their for a couple of days in 2002 and look forward to sitting in the same area for at least a couple of weeks this time out.

i promise we will think about you all…..daily…. promise!