111 Days and Counting

Today our new coach got the final installs done. As Marilyn says “We now have enough toys”. We added a large solar panel, a new CB (you can’t listen to the truckers with out one) and a slide out drawer in what was a wardrobe so we now have room for all our appliances including our state of the art Coffee machine (Latte anyone?) .

I could tell you that we are not getting excited but you wouldn’t believe me anyway. Smart move, it’s not true. It looks like we may have our house rented, if not at least it’s getting action, we are living in a large echo chamber. Our Kijiji ads are working great, stuff is quickly disappearing.

This weekend it’s back to 50 point in the coach for it’s Official Maiden Voyage. Wanna Come?  Sorry, it’s designed for cocktails for 6, dinner for 4, sleeps 2.